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C I Corporation is pleased to provide support for Microsoft FrontPage.® (latest version).  At C I Corporation, our commitment is to provide quality Web hosting services to small and medium sized businesses.  FrontPage fits perfectly with that strategy. FrontPage® based Web sites allow for easy creation of forms, tables, and a consistent look and feel throughout your Website.  And all this with no knowledge of HTML commands needed!

Special Offer! C I Corporation is offering a very special bundle for customers signing up for a year of hosting. Monthly plans are also available.  

  For one low annual price of $215* you'll get:

One Year of Web Hosting - a $250 Value!

Pay one low price and enjoy the profits and enhanced visibility a Web Presence with C I Corporation, plus all the features and extras below. Enjoy the benefits of a fast, reliable internet connection without the expenses involved in maintaining your own server.

Free Toll-free Telephone Support - a $70 Value! 

We want you to get off to a good start.  So we're offering free telephone support (up to two incidents in the first thirty days).  One of our friendly staff will assist you with your scripts, html, promoting your site, installing your programs, and more.

Free FlashStats Statistical Analysis Program - a $99 Value

This quality Web analyzer will tell you, through your browser, who's hitting your site and from where. You'll know what pages are working and which ones aren't. And you get an updated report at any time, 24 hours a day. Plus, you may tailor your report-- today, yesterday, last month, last 30 days -- or just pick a date range. And the reports are generated "on the fly" so they're always current.

 The advantage to having timely, accurate statistics is this-- if no one is visiting your site and subsequently buying your products, these statistics can give you a detailed view of how your Web site is working. Then you'll make appropriate changes, come back to FlashStats, and work the results.

Free Microsoft(tm) FrontPage  Extensions 

Yes,  you can publish your own site.  FrontPage allows you to create dynamic webs without knowledge of programming.  You'll be able to create a searchable site, guestbooks, counters, bulletin boards, and much, much more. Just add a copy of MS FrontPage, and you're publishing a Website!

Plus, unlike many hosting providers who advertise FrontPage but don't really have the full suite of extensions working, our servers have been tested and approved by Microsoft for their Web Presence Providers Referral List.

Even if you don't plan to use FrontPage, you're eligible for the rest of the specials on this page!

Free SSL - Secure Credit Card Transactions 

Many providers are willing to sell you SSL at a price ranging from $200-$500 and some tack on monthly charges as well.  We provide free secure transactions for forms, so that your customers won't be afraid to use their credit cards at your site.  The Web has the potential to deliver a very large numbers of orders from "impulse" buyers, and Secure transactions will make that happen. This free service could save you thousands of dollars. (Not to mention all the dollars you could earn!)

Free Registration of Your Domain Name (www.yourname.com)

We'll take care of getting your business registered with InterNIC, or another top-level domain (TLD) of your choice (Internic will bill you $70 for two years' registration for new domains, rates may vary for other TLDs). If your domain already exists elsewhere, we'll move it to our servers for you to insure a smooth and seamless transition.

Free Unlimited Traffic/Transfers 

Many of our competitors will limit you to 1000 MB, 2000 MB, and so on. This could result in quite a surprise when you receive your next invoice. We have lots and lots of bandwidth, and we won't start charging you more once your pages begin to get popular.  This feature alone may save you as much as your annual hosting charges!

Money-Back Guarantee 

If you aren't satisfied with your C I Corporation site, just tell us and we'll refund your money for any reason during the first sixty days (less setup charges), or get a prorated refund thereafter..

Setup Guarantee 

We'll have your site setup and operating the same day (order received prior to 6pm Eastern).  If we don't we'll pay the setup fee -- and you'll save an additional $35!

100% Uptime Guarantee 

Your site will be up or we'll pay you -- We guarantee 100% Uptime each month, or we'll issue a credit to your account! NO ONE else offers a guarantee like this!

Unsurpassed Reliability 

We'd have a problem with the Uptime Guarantee if we didn't keep your site running. With daily backups, Multihomed connections, UPS and generator backup power, your site will be up -- and it will stay up.  We use only Sparc Ultra Servers from Sun Microsystems or Compaq or Dell servers for NT, to ensure Commerce-quality reliability.  Components which fail can often be "hot-swapped" so you're site won't ever be down long.

Dedicated Staff 

Our people believe that when your C I Corporation site is successful, we're successful too. After all, 50% of our new business is due to repeat business and referrals. Your growth is our growth.

Fast Response 

We know that getting a fully-functional site up and running can be at times frustrating. With that in mind, we strive to provide you with quick response to your email support requests.  Email support is always available, always free.

Cancel Anytime

You may cancel for anytime and for any reason, and we'll refund your prorated balance (less setup charges). There is NO minimum contract required to take advantage of this offer.  

Lots More!